fredag 7 mars 2014


I vårt fönster mot världen

Vernissage lördag 8 mars

Janne Hieck, b. 1977 in Flensburg, Germany

I am a german master-potter who lives and works in Northern Denmark. 
I'm interested in natural materials and processes in ceramics.  I started working with wood- and saltfiring in 2005, and I make my own clay-blends and glazes with raw materials, rather than refined ones.  I work primarily on the wheel, and I am looking for a natural touch and warmth in my work: not everything has to be perfectly cylindrical and clean.  I am interested in leaving the mark of my fingers on the pieces, as well as what the glazing-, and finally the fire process may add to the surface and structure of the pieces.

I intend that my pieces be used in the daily life of their new owners, and that's why I focus on domestic ware, thinking of my work to be rather unpretentious, but suitable for many different occasions.
That´s why I choose to show teapots, cups and related work here at Sintra! 

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